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You First

BrightPath’s retirement planning process (Retireship™) is all about you. We believe each retiree should be the captain of their own ship. Your destination, your journey, the speed and direction in which you travel, are unique to you. Our role at BrightPath is to be your navigator. We will work with you in a partnership to set your course and steer you in the right direction. We will help you adjust your course as needed – when life events change, when the outside environment changes, or simply if you change how and where you want to go. Ultimately we all want our retirement journey to be smooth sailing, but when it is not, we will be there to help put the ship back on course.

Our Retireship™ process begins with understanding your goals and your dreams for retirement (and beyond!). We put together a complete plan, starting with planning for retirement, living in retirement, and finally what happens to any legacy you may leave behind. This incorporates investment management, cash flow and income planning, tax planning, long-term care needs, and estate planning.

Retireship™ puts you on a course toward the retirement of your dreams.

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